IFATCA allows its members active participation throughout the year through its various Standing Committees, and in addition there is an Annual Conference held each spring, as well as a European Regional Meeting, every autumn.

IFATCA Conferences are the most appropriate platform for direct communication between Member Associations, and for the exchange of ideas and experience within the Federation on an inter-regional basis.

Each region is responsible for organizing its own Regional Meeting; these are held annually usually in the autumn and enable each region to focus on its own particular concerns. In addition to attendance by Air Traffic Controllers these events are widely attended by other interested parties such as ATM equipment manufacturers, airlines, regulatory authorities and consultative bodies such as EUROCONTROL, EASA, SESAR JU as well as other Professional Stuff Organizations such as ATCEUC, IFATSEA, ECA and ETF.

This event is usually well covered in the news media of the country of the host Association and serves to ensure that air traffic control receives it share of well- deserved public interest.

IFATCA’s 36th European Regional Meeting will be held in Aqaba, Jordan, 08-10 October 2019.